Top 10 Reasons to Love Battersea

Here are 10 reasons to Love Battersea, based on the original choices published at the start of the SW11tch Campaign in 2005 (click here to view)

You may have many other reasons to Love Battersea and we'd be very pleased to hear from you about your own selection.

1.    Battersea Park
        - What other park can offer a peace pagoda, its own resident monk and a childrens' zoo?
          It was voted London's most popular film location in 2007 

2.    Battersea Dogs & Cats Home
        - which shows how big-hearted Battersea people are.

3.    Battersea Power Station
        - the London skyline wouldn't be the same without this Battersea icon, now due for redevelopment.

4.    John Archer
        - the UK's first black mayor, was elected Mayor of Battersea in 1913. He said "Battersea has done many
          things in the past, but the greatest thing it has done is to show that it has no racial prejudice and that it
          recognises a man for the work he has done".

5.    Northcote Road
        - voted London's second favourite shopping street

6.    SW11 Literary Festival
        - showcasing the best of Battersea's literary talent.

7.    A Sense of Identity
        - Battersea was a borough in its own right until 1965 when it was combined with Wandsworth. The former
          Town Hall is now the home of the well known and highly regarded BAC (Battersea Arts Centre).

8.    New Covent Garden Market
        - this fruit, vegetable and flower market keeps many of London's restaurants supplied with fresh produce.

9.    Its radical political history
        - from 1880 Battersea was a centre of radical politics in the UK. John Burns founded a branch of the 
          Social Democratic Federation here and was one of the first Labour MPs elected.

10.    Its ancient past
          - the area takes its name from the old village of Battersea, an island settlement on the Thames.
            Battersea is mentioned in Anglo-Saxon times as Badric's Isle and later as Patrisey. 
            And of course, it is famous for the beautiful "Battersea Shield" (see via this link)

Since publishing these, we have had a nomination for an 11th Reason to Love Battersea, so here it is :-

11.    The Charitable Spirit of its people over time 
          - There are many wonderful charities that have been set up and continue to be supported by the people of          
            Battersea including:
    • Battersea United Charities - combining most of the historic trusts and bequests to the Parish of Battersea, the earliest of which dates back to 1641, making it the oldest continuing organisation i Battersea, other than the Church. They continue to support education, elderly people and other worthy causes across Battersea.
    • Share Community - a wonderful charity based in Altenburg Gardens off Lavender Hill, which is a Self Help Association for Rehabilitation and Employment for People with Disabilities.
    • Sir Walter St. John's Educational Charity - it makes grants to promote the education and training of children and young people under the age of 25, who are in financial need. The Charity covers the London Boroughs of Wandsworth and Lambeth, with preference given to the Battersea area.
          - If you know of any others you would like us to give a mention to, do let us know!