Businesses & organisations backing Battersea.... & those not

See which businesses are backing Battersea and which are still confused in Clapham SW11......

NOTE: this page is under constant review

The SW11tch Back to Battersea Campaign has been delighted with the support that has been received from a wide variety of businesses, those located in Battersea and those who operate on the world wide web, as well as media companies that distribute their copy in SW11.

To recognise their contribution to and support for the campaign, as well as to encourage others who have yet to make the SW11tch, we have begun to compile a list of those businesses in SW11 who are backing Battersea and saying that is where they are located. Below that we have listed other businesses that are still holding out that they are a Clapham branch or store, even though they are in SW11.

The majority of businesses that incorrectly state they are in Clapham are big companies - this is a real shame as it demonstrates how a big brand can be detached from the community within which it operates. It is an example of being headquartered too far away or just being too big to care personally about the sense of identity of local people and pride in the locality. The SW11tch Campaign hopes to get as many of those who have fallen into the Clapham-trap to SW11tch happily back to Battersea.

Do contact the campaign team if you spot any SW11tchers or any who are still stuck in Clapham who we should add to our list.



- businesses that state they are in Battersea, in their addresses or through their website store finders. Note: this list is being added to and therefore not yet comprehensive!


ASDA - has just SW11tched to Battersea (see story, 27th Nov'08 >) .....but now inexplicably back in 'Clapham' (see story, November 2010 >>).....and have now SW11tched Back to Battersea again - hopefully this time for good, although we're still waiting for those 'Clapham' signs to disappear - see story 9th November 2010 >>>)

Babel - 3-7 Northcote Road, Battersea (link >)

Bangkok Bay - 246 Battersea Park Road, London SW11 3BP (

The BAC ...Battersea Arts Centre (

Cath Kidston - 142 Northcote Road, Battersea (SW11tched from Clapham to Battersea on the very day they opened!!) (see story >)

Clapham Junction Town Centre Partnership Board (see stories >and >) ....and the Heart of Battersea website:

The Co-operative Food - 15-17 Northcote Road, Battersea, London SW11 1NG (see latest story here >)

315 Lavender Hill, Clapham Junction, SW11 1QL (see latest story >)

Douglas & Gordon - 128 Northcote Road, Battersea (see story >)

Fishworks - 54 Northcote Road, Battersea (see story: >)

Fired Earth - 125 Northcote Road, Battersea, London SW11 6PS (see story: here >)

The Fox & Hounds (Pub) - 66 Latchmere Road, Battersea, London SW11 2JU

Google - Googlemaps via its technology provider TomTom have put 'Battersea' correctly on the map (see story here >) / Essential Local

Iris - 97 Northcote Road, Battersea (link >)

Jacksons Estate Agents - Lavender Hill, Battersea, London SW11 5TG (see latest Battersea branding)

Jigsaw - 73 Northcote Road, Battersea (see story: >)

Kinleigh Folkhard & Hayward - Northcote Road (see story >)

Metro Shopping Fund - (see story >) - (link >)

Nandos - 1a Northcote Road, Battersea

The Northcote (Pub) - 2 Northcote Road, Battersea, SW11 1NT

Philglas & Swiggot - 21 Northcote Road, Battersea (link >)

Posh Wash of Battersea - 62 Battersea Rise SW11 (see story >)

Rise Magazine (see story >)

Share Community - based at 64 Altenburg Gardens SW11, this is one of the finest charities and is based in Battersea, which they are proud to belong in. Website: 

Thai Garden - 58 Battersea Rise, SW11 (

The Hive Honey Shop - 93 Northcote Road, Battersea (link >) - the Bee is an historical symbol of Battersea that can be seen all over the entrance hall to the BAC on Lavender Hill.

The Tiny Italian Deli - Northcote Road Market - SW11tched back to Battersea before even opening! Follow on Twitter: @TinyItalianDeli 

Urban Path - local listings (see example >)

Wandsworth Borough Council (see story >)

Wandsworth Guardian -

Waitrose - has just SW11tched to Battersea (see story, Nov'08 >) - has all of its SW11 venues correctly listed as being in Battersea (link >)



- we have provided details of the addresses being used, some of which contradict the 'store locator' or equivalent search feature. 


Aux Mervielleux - are about to open on Northcote Road with a 'Clapham' address (February 2014) :(

ASDA - 204 Lavender Hill, Clapham SW11 1JG (ASDA call this their Clapham store and have none listed for Battersea) ASDA HAS NOW SW11TCHED TO BATTERSEA!! (27th Nov '08) .....and in 2010 has flipped back into Clapham !!! .....and have now SW11tched Back to Battersea again - hopefully this time for good, although we're still waiting for those 'Clapham' signs to disappear - see story 9th November 2010 >>>)

Boots - 10 Falcon Lane, SW11 2LG (listed by their store locator as being in Clapham - but they list their store at 21-23 St John's Road, SW11 1QN as being in Battersea! almost there)

Cluttons Clapham - 125 Northcote Road, SW11.....still holding out as the very last Estate Agency on Northcote Road that gives its geography as 'Clapham' (see story from 2008 here). See their website via this link: >> and see how Kinleigh Folkard and Hayward found a solution - how KFH backs Battersea: >>

Co-op 'Clapham' - on Battersea's famous and much love Northcote Road. The Co-op took over Somerfield's store on Northcote Road in south Battersea and despite prior warnings that they were about to fall into the Clapham-trap they carried on regardless and fell right in the hole, thereby giving the impression that they were deliberately snubbing Battersea. The Co-operative Food has now SW11tched Back to Battersea - see above

Debenhams - 315 Lavender Hill, Clapham Junction, SW11 1QL (their website lists the store as being in Clapham, not Battersea) Debenhams have definitely SW11tched Back to Battersea! 

GOOGLE - Google Maps have incorrectly placed Clapham right in the centre of Battersea in the Borough of Wandsworth and removed it from the Borough of Lambeth where it really is! This is a big mistake and is causing a lot of confusion on store locator webpages for many businesses, with the knock on effect that they list their Battersea stores as Clapham. Click here to read the story and see our letter to Google co-founder Larry Page. Googlemaps has now been corrected thanks to TomTom who provide their mapping technology (see story here >)

Jacksons Estate Agents in Battersea Jacksons Clapham - 174a Lavender Hill, Clapham, London SW11. Having set up in the building where Battersea estate agents Winkworth's had been, Jacksons Estate Agents have managed to combine a strapline of "Intelligent Local Knowledge" with a branch designation and address of "Clapham" for a business operating on Lavender of the most famous names ad much loved areas of Battersea - see: Jacksons Estate Agents have now SW11tched firmly and happily to BATTERSEA - see above and here

Marks & Spencer - 45 St John's Road, London SW11 1QP (listed as being in Clapham on their store locator website.....first approached by the SW11tch campaign in November 2007!!!)

The Clapham Grand - The Grand, 21-25 St John's Hill, Clapham Junction SW11 1TT (the address is right but the brand name does confuse as it is not in Clapham)

Somerfield - Northcote Road, Clapham - they list two stores in Clapham, one of which is in Northcote Road and one in Battersea....we'd like them to list two in Battersea! Somerfield has closed on Northcote Road and been taken over by the Co-op....who have fallen into the Clapham-trap despite early warnings that they were about to do so....

Specsavers - the store is correctly identified as in Clapham Junction, but the address is in Clapham: 34 St. John's Road, Clapham, London SW11 1PW. We've asked them to SW11tch to Battersea - click for  story

Waitrose recently announced they were opening up a new store in 'Clapham' on St. John's Road, Clapham, SW11.....when we all know it is in Battersea. WAITROSE HAVE NOW SW11TCHED TO BATTERSEA!! (26th Nov '08)

Waterstone's Clapham - 70 St John's Road, Clapham SW11 1PT (this one is really awful considering the learning inside the shop...and all those geography books.....)