Name Game & SW11tch Back letters to the WBN

Stories from Wandsworth Borough News on 7 October 2005:

Letters continued to be written in to the Wandsworth Borough News - here are two that appeared on the paper's website (the original page no longer exists):-

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Name game

From Mrs. A Jackson

I totally support your SW11tch Back to Battersea campaign. A complete name change is needed for Clapham Junction and this would start the ball rolling. It has been done elsewhere. Those organisations/ shops who are responsible for the continuing confusion should now make the wrong right! I live in Battersea and feel we need to reclaim what is ours!

Mrs A Jackson, Frere Street, Battersea

10:06am Friday 7th October 2005



SW11tch back

From Gill Thumwood

SIR. I had just read your article about the SW11 address purporting to be Clapham and then, in Friday's Evening Standard there was a leaflet about Asda and yes, you've guessed it, the map shows number 10 as Clapham Store, Lavender Hill, Clapham, SW11 1JG. I hope this one is on your list to be contacted.

Gill Thumwood, Wandsworth

10:25am Friday 7th October 2005