Information about Battersea and its history

The following links provide information about Battersea, its history and also to community and other organisations that are central to or passionate about Battersea. 

If you or your organisation think that we should have added you as a link, do not hesitate to let us know!


Heart of Battersea website - Clapham Junction Town Centre...the commercial heart of Battersea


The Battersea Society - one of Wandsworth's active civic societies, dedicated to Battersea


Battersea - British History Online


Battersea - Wikipedia


Clapham Junction, Battersea - historical and present information about this town centre on Wandsworth Council's website


Battersea & Wandsworth History - links and information, and much more from historian Sean Creighton

Battersea - more links - sources to other information available on the web about Battersea


Northcote Road Action Group - campaigning to safeguard the character of this well known and much loved south Battersea road


Short History of Battersea - on Wandsworth Council website - what's on and what's what in Battersea - everything you need to know about what's going on and who's who on Lavender Hill

Radical Battersea - lifting the lid on Battersea's radical political past


Description of Battersea in 1868


Battersea Park - Friends of Battersea Park


Battersea Arts Centre - the famous and fantastic "BAC" on Lavender Hill


Battersea Dogs & Cats Home - the world renown place to visit if you wish to offer a good home for dogs or cats

Battersea Power Station - world famous symbol of Battersea, now expected to undergo a massive redevelopment at some point in the future. Follow the latest news on this via the link provided.


Battersea Power Station Community Group - the first ever 'Blog' from a Battersea Councillor, who has very kindly added a link to the LoveBattersea SW11tch camaign we have reciprocated!

Postcards from Battersea - a Battersea blog site

The Battersea United Charities - from 1641 to the present day

Battersea, South London - various - Battersea's famous and wonderful Theatre above The Latchmere Pub at the junction of Battersea Park Road and Latchmere Road.