TSB falls in Love with Battersea...& its mutual :)

posted 20 Sept 2013, 02:10 by Love Battersea   [ updated 20 Sept 2013, 03:48 ]
20th September 2013

TSB have delivered a great result to Battersea, correcting their error in double quick time and in great style!

After their initial error in putting up a huge poster with the words "Hello Clapham" right in the Heart of Battersea (aka Clapham Junction), TSB has responded to our and our many supporters' requests to take it down and replace it. (click to see earlier story)

And replace it they have, with a perfect poster:

So a huge thank you to TSB, and a particularly big thank you to one of our fantastic supporters Gina LoBuglio (@GLoBuglio), who was the first to catch site of the first incorrect poster and brought it to our and the twittersphere's attention. We are delighted to reproduce her picture taken this morning on platform 10 at Clapham Junction's.

See the original tweet here:

Gina LoBuglio @GLoBuglio 32m

Fast work @TSB! Thank you & welcome to Battersea! #claphamjunction @LoveBattersea1 @SthLondonPress @jamescousins pic.twitter.com/YbY5cicuZX

Gina's tweet set off a whole host of tweets, emails and exchanges involving perhaps tens of thousands of people. We also called the head of media at TSB and had a very productive conversation. The result we have achieved is an achievement by many. It shows just what a community can achieve when full of Love for a place like our beautiful Battersea :)

A perfect end to the week!
We wish everyone in Battersea a great weekend!