The Co-op doesn't seem to Love Battersea…or know where it is

posted 14 Nov 2013, 03:03 by Love Battersea   [ updated 12 Feb 2014, 08:15 ]
News Flash : 
Ahead of Valentine's Day (14th February 2014) The Co-op has fallen in Love with Battersea
….see story here

4 Years on and the Co-op still refuses to Co-operate
- we call on the Co-op to back Battersea & correct this big mistake

Over 4 years ago, our co-Chair Cllr Tony Belton wrote (see correspondence below) to many people at the Co-op letting them know what a big mistake they were making in mis-naming the store they took over form Somerfields on Northcote Road - despite all the evidence provided to them, and requests made, they persisted knowingly in publicising our wonderful Northcote Road as being in Clapham, which is in another London Borough called Lambeth, and therefore not the same place as BATTERSEA in the Borough of Wandsworth. Clapham is a great place and a terrific neighbour for us, but Northcote Road isn't part of it.

One of our supporters highlighted this again in June this year….no response - see below.

We now call on Co-op to be more co-operative and care about our local community enough to put this right. We've sent this to them to help them appreciate the big mistake they continue to make:

How one of our great supporters notified The Co-op as recently as June 2013:

Our correspondence with Co-op in 2009:

This note from our co-Chair, local Battersea Councillor Tony Belton, couldn't have been more helpful and clear. But sadly, Co-op refused to name Northcote Road as being in Battersea but insisted on calling it Clapham. Well, we still call them Co-operative and not Lidl, Tesco or ASDA, even if The Co-op is ironically being so un-co-operative. We hope that they will, one day very soon, finally support Battersea fully.