posted 5 Jan 2010, 09:54 by Love Battersea   [ updated 6 Jan 2010, 01:52 ]
Battersea's very own Poshest of  Washes for dry cleaning & sparkling laundry.....

For those who have come back from Christmas and New Year with suits and other outfits and clothes needing a spring clean, or are due out to a party down Northcote Road or Battersea Square, or need to get poshed up for cocktails at the new 5* Battersea hotel Rafayel on The Left Bank in the newly redeveloped riverside quarter of Battersea, then Posh Wash is clearly the place to come and get your dry cleaning done.

The picture above has been provided to us by a local resident near Battersea Rise, having found this marvelous branding on the bag covering their dry cleaning. 

But Posh Wash isn't just a Dry Cleaners - its also a launderette; and in lovable Battersea you never know what delightful, interesting or even posh people you may meet at a place like this whilst you watch your washing going round and round. 

Congratulations and thanks to Posh Wash of Battersea, who are clearly proud to trumpet their Battersea credentials, and haven't found it difficult to guess that Battersea Rise isn't in Clapham....unlike some others. 

If you're reading this and you're running a business on Battersea Rise listed as being in Clapham - it could be you
....so you may wish to SW11tch pronto before we hit you with a Battersea Love-bomb!!