Googlemaps may be about to SW11tch

posted 27 Sept 2011, 11:35 by Love Battersea
Googlemaps may be about to SW11tch and put Battersea properly on the map ...and Clapham too!

Back in January 2010 we first wrote to Larry Page and others at Google to alert them to the fact that their maps were positioning Clapham in the middle of Battersea without any reference to Clapham in Lambeth where it lies. See story here [click]

The result was that any store or restaurant locator using Googlemaps presented any business in large parts of Battersea's SW11 postal code as being in Clapham - and a search for 'Clapham' on googlemaps pops up a Bedfordshire village in the English countryside! 'Derr' as the Simpsons say! At least a search for Battersea pinpoints it on top of the Latchmere Pub and Theatre 503...but with the label 'Clapham' across the area.

Well, nearly two years on we may actually have a result. As the many of you have already discovered it is TeleAtlas, the provider of Google's mapping data who have it all mixed up. Since TeleAtlas didn't seem able to pick this up quickly from all those Battersea folk writing to them, we wrote to the CEO of its parents company - Mr Harald Goddijn of TomTom, and this is what we had in reply:

I have reported this issue to our map team but have also sent them the links to the dedicated site you provided in the hope that the corrections needed are fully understood. I have been informed that this map correction has now been logged for investigation and also has been marked for urgent attention. Our map team works closely with TeleAtlas as although Tom Tom have taken the company over they still remain two separate departments at this stage and so map issues need to also be recognised by them as they have access to the raw map data.

Our map team here have informed me that they will discuss this issue with our TeleAtlas and report back the findings and hopefully a time frame on when the corrections will be implemented. We update and release new map versions every quarter so when we have implemented a change it can take 1 or 2 map updates before we can see the change being released to our customers.

I will keep this case on research with myself and so when I have been updated on the developments I will inform you accordingly. I can assure you that Tom Tom are on board with your community's campaign to correct our maps to show SW11 as Battersea and give accuracy, clarity and identity back to the area.

We think Mr Goddijn is clearly a Good'un and are delighted by the response we have had from TomTom.

So, KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED for the change - it may still take time, but it looks as if its o its way. Fingers crossed.

Huge thanks to so many of you who have persisted with us on this one.

Here's a taster of what might yet be - Battersea properly on the Googlemap and our much loved neighbours in Clapham too!

...we'll let you know the latest news as we get it!