Earlier News 2007-2009

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Follow the SW11tch Back to Battersea Campaign in the news and via press releases:-

Battersea Recommends...that Waterstone's SW11tch 

- bookshop urged to correct its geography and SW11tch Back to Battersea >  

Local Intelligence? 

- New Lavender Hill estate agent gets it wrong (Feb 2009) >

Christmas Spirit in Webbs Road 
- Battersea's hidden gem kicks off Christmas in great style mixed with festive fun (4th Dec 2008) >
ASDA re-launches in Battersea 
(3rd Dec 2008)  >

New approach made to Northcote Road's last 'Clapham' estate agent

(2nd Dec 2008) >

ASDA to re-launch store in style and SW11tches Back to to Battersea 

(27th November 2008) >

Waitrose SW11tches to Battersea 

(26th November 2008) >

Cath Kidston SW11tches Back to Battersea 

(4th July 2008) >

Waitrose & Cath Kidston fall into the Clapham-trap 

(3rd July 2008) - new arrivals in Battersea get their geography wrong > 

Lavender Festival in Battersea (June 2008) - Lavender Hill brings pride to Battersea with London's first Lavender Festival >

Town Crier for Lavender Hill 

(June 2008) - Battersea Girl gets the honour >

Edge Magazine features campaign (April 2008) - readers write in about Battersea and the magazine profiles SW11tch campaign's Valentine's night >   

Backing Battersea 

(March 2008) - BrightSide Magazine highlights SW11tch campaign and Wandsworth Council's support >

LOVERS show their passion for Battersea on St Valentine's Night (February 2008) - see the action on the streets > 

A-Rise Battersea 

(January 2008) - Rise Magazine formally backs the SW11tch campaign >

This Valentine's Day - declare your Love for Battersea 

- Follow this link to send your love to Battersea >

Wandsworth Council reconfirms support 

(30 Jan 08) - New Motion on "Restoring Pride in the Name of Battersea" receives unanimous vote of support that bridged the political divide >

"A new heart for Battersea" 

(25 Jan 08) - New proposals unveiled for major re-development down the Junction >

Kinleigh Folkard & Hayward back campaign 

(18 Dec 07) - Another well known estate agent with 2 Battersea branches backs campaign >  

Fishworks comes up Trumps 

(6 Dec 07) - Famous Northcote Restaurant founder Mitch Tonks backs campaign and SW11tches >

Battersea on the Map - Find out where Battersea is >

Jigsaw puzzle solved in Battersea 

(5 Dec 07) - New Jigsaw store in Northcote Road has SW11tched to Battersea > 

Ambulance late due to Clapham confusion 

(29 Nov 07) - Emergency ambulance sent in the wrong direction as a result of location confusion>

Northcote Road Estate Agents begin to SW11tch 

(22 Nov 07) - Douglas & Gordon's Chief Executive leads the move to back the SW11tch campaign >

"Battersea Girl" backs campaign 

(22 Nov 07) - "Battersea Girl" writer to the Wandsworth Borough News writes back positively to support the SW11tch campaign >

Early Gift with Battersea shift 

(21 Nov 07) - WBN article - "Clapham Junction town centre will be renamed Battersea Town Centre (Clapham Junction) >

Battersea set to gain town centre 

(20 Nov 07) - WBN article >

Campaign achieves 1st objective 

(19 Nov 07) - Battersea set to get town centre. The Clapham Junction Town Centre Partnership Board votes to support renaming the town centre.....

Press Release >    Story >

SW11tch, Restore Battersea Pride 

(16 Nov 07) - letter to WBN > 

Battersea isn't Clapham 

(16 Nov 07) - letter to WBN >

SW11tch Campaign re-launch 

(10 Nov 07) - The re-launch of the SW11tch Back to Battersea Campaign was formally kicked off with a gathering of supporters on Saturday 10th November on the steps of Battersea Arts Centre...Battersea's old Town Hall (see photo to right).

To Battersea or not to Battersea? 

(24 Oct 07) - WBN article >

Name confusion Up The Junction 

(24 Oct 07) - WBN article >

Are You Proud to be from Battersea? 

(22 Oct 07) - WBN article >