DON'T PANIC....we haven't gone quiet!!!

posted 9 Jul 2013, 10:38 by Love Battersea   [ updated 21 Jul 2013, 03:01 ]
To all our wonderful and lovely supporters, who may worry that the lack of posts on this website means we're not very active anymore, in the words of Corporal Jones in Dad's Army "don't panic, don't panic".

We have been very very busy.....on Twitter! 

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...and we have achieved some great successes. Businesses have been 'SW11tching' Back to Battersea, Twitter users have been proudly changing their addresses on their profiles, and to date c.2,200 people and businesses are following us, with increasing numbers becoming active and helping us with our campaign.

Here's an example:

- this one caused a great storm of protest. The sad thing was that the Evening Standard asked whether they could use one of our photos, to which we happily agreed, but not before confirming what the occasion was and where it took place - in Battersea. So what do you think...oh dear, they called it 'Clapham'. Luckily The Daily Mail got it spot on :)

Here was our photo of the crowds on Northcote Road / Bennerley Road watching Andy Murray winning Wimbledon on the big screen - during the Northcote Road Summer Fete, 7th July 2013:

And here is our conversation with our otherwise lovely Evening Standard:

  1. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeessss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Brilliant Andy Murray @andy_murray We saw it in Northcote Road #Battersea

  2. @standardnews do tell me where it'll appear - would be good to have a copy!

@standardnews it was taken where a giant outdoor screen was set up for the Northcote Road Summer Fête in #Battersea + the road closed :)

People got behind us quickly - for example:

We've tweeted the Standard and asked for a correction but sadly, to date (9th July at 18:30hrs) we haven't heard back from them, which is really disappointing in view of us having provided a free photo for them to publish... but hey ho, these journos are very busy peeps and are already onto thousands of other newer stories...we understand, but we still hope!

So, people of Battersea, and Lovers of Battersea around the world...join us on Twitter!!!

We'll post some future stories here on our website over time, otherwise we're on the Twittersphere and grateful for all the support we are getting there :)