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Story Coffee shows its Love for Battersea

posted 13 Oct 2014, 02:59 by Love Battersea

Story Coffee shows its Love for Battersea 
on St John's Hill

Each week people express their Love for Battersea by editing their twitter profiles!

Here is a great example - a 'SW11tch' that took minutes... We LOVE Story Coffee!

Merveilleux News for Battersea's Northcote Road

posted 11 Apr 2014, 12:54 by Love Battersea   [ updated 11 Apr 2014, 13:13 ]

Heavenly 'Aux Merveilleux de Fred' does a quick SW11tch Back to Battersea 😍

Local residents of South Battersea have been astonished to see what has arrived inside what was the old luggage shop on Northcote Road - a marvel to beat all marvels, a foodie's heaven called "Aux Merveilleux de Fred", selling exquisite meringue delights and more.

A French phenomenon, originally setting up in London in South Kensington on Old Brompton Road, Aux Merveilleux de Fred has brought added French glamour to Battersea by erecting a beautiful chandelier that sparkles through the large windows well into the night!

But its arrival didn't originally begin with much sparkle for Battersea.

The company thought that Northcote Road was in Clapham, which as we all know is in Lambeth Borough and not Wandsworth, where Battersea is.

Alerted by sharp eyed residents who spotted this before we knew anything, we stepped into action and wrote to Aux Merveilleux. It was clear that they were confused, like so many before them by the name of the local railway station - Clapham Junction!

This is what was seen on their website:

This was a bit of a disappointment, but we were not to be deterred.

We and supporters tweeted them and we got the following reply:

This seemed...well....'Merveilleux' ! But at head office there wasn't alignment with what their tweet promised, and we had to have another conversation with them.

The following explanation was given to us:

"The address we put is the legal one and we name the address Clapham for practical reasons.  Because we love Battersea we want to keep an option to have a shop in the middle of Battersea area and we would then name the address Battersea" and later "I am really sorry, but I cannot help you. The policy of the group is to classify our address accordingly to the closest and more relevant tube station name."

They had a dilemma, to which our solution was easy - label the store "South Battersea", and please don't mix-up 'Clapham' with "Clapham Junction'. Just as everyone knows that the addition of "Square" changes the geography of "Leicester" in a very important respect, for Battersea the addition of the word "Junction" after "Clapham" is of crucial importance in ensuring our local railway station and town centre, known as the 'Heart of Battersea' is not placed geographically as part of Lambeth. Clapham in Lambeth is quite another place, we believe its a lovely place and we're very lucky to have it as our neighbour, but it has its own unique and special characteristics, history and identity which need to be equally appreciated and respected without being mistaken for somewhere else.

Just when we thought we wouldn't achieve a breakthrough, Aux Merveilleux de Fred have changed their website and have even adopted our suggestion of referring to the place as South Battersea.

If only their email was

But sadly they haven't quite got away from Clapham - funny how they don't label Old Brompton Road as "South Kensington-Knightsbridge" but insist on giving our beautiful and much loved Northcote Road a slightly split identity. What we need is for them to open up in Clapham itself and then they'll have to change the description below...we hope 😃

However, we do very much appreciate the gesture made by Aux Merveilleux, and understand how easy it is for a company from abroad which is not familiar with the history, geography and identity of this part of South Battersea, to be confused - after all, its not their fault that the railway companies misnamed Battersea's central railway station 150 years ago! We're sure we'd easily mix up arrondissements in Paris.

So a big hearted loving THANK YOU from Battersea to Aux Merveilleux de Fred!!!

BTW - Does anyone actually know who 'Fred' is?!?

The Co-op SW11tch Back to Battersea

posted 12 Feb 2014, 08:23 by Love Battersea   [ updated 12 Feb 2014, 08:36 ]

The Co-op have SW11tched Back to Battersea!

We're thrilled that some four years on from our first call for the Co-op to correct its misnamed 'Clapham' store on Battersea's famous Northcote Road, they have fallen head over heels in Love with BATTERSEA and are now firmly within our embrace! See for yourself below:

With many thanks to the people at The Co-operative Food who made this happen for us :)

Fired Earth fires up Battersea Love :)

posted 12 Feb 2014, 07:47 by Love Battersea   [ updated 12 Feb 2014, 08:37 ]

Fired Earth fires up Battersea Love on Northcote Road :)

Following our interaction with Fired Earth towards the end of last year (see here), they have responded magnificently and corrected their store finder details and amended the official address of their store on Battersea's much loved Northcote Road - we are over the moon that their wonderful new store is happily and proudly in BATTERSEA !!! See below:-

We are SO grateful to the terrific people at Fired Earth.

WRONG EARTH…. Fired Earth arrives in 'Clapham' or does it?

posted 22 Nov 2013, 06:49 by Love Battersea   [ updated 12 Feb 2014, 08:18 ]

News Flash : 
Fired Earth have fallen in love with Battersea well ahead of Valentine's Day (14th February 2014) 
….see story here

22nd November 2013

Fired Earth is mapped on the WRONG EARTH

…meanwhile, FARROW & BALL almost next door have been happily and proudly located in BATTERSEA, having long ago corrected the same error made 3 years ago!!!

Fired Earth have arrived in Battersea and promptly fallen into the Clapham-trap, three years after Farrow & Ball fell into the same hole. One of our ever vigilant Battersea lovers has spotted this very quickly (see further below).

We call on Fired Earth to correct this mis-naming of Battersea's much loved and historic Northcote Road, located in South Battersea.

Its such a pity that Fired Earth didn't check the historic earth their shop was located on. Three years ago, we found Farrow & Ball had made the same error on its store locator and address….and therefore their email too. BUT, Farrow & Ball responded very quickly to put things right and are now happily on Northcote Road, BATTERSEA - the 'Before' and 'After' pictures are shown below, but first for the horror from Fired Earth's store locator page, which we have annotated to help correct their geographic mix-up:-

How this great mistake was alerted to the twittersphere today (22nd Nov):

How Farrow & Ball 'SW11tched' Back to Battersea:


Address: 146 Northcote Road, Clapham, London SW11 6RD


Address: 146 Northcote Road, Battersea, London SW11 6RD

The Co-op doesn't seem to Love Battersea…or know where it is

posted 14 Nov 2013, 03:03 by Love Battersea   [ updated 12 Feb 2014, 08:15 ]

News Flash : 
Ahead of Valentine's Day (14th February 2014) The Co-op has fallen in Love with Battersea
….see story here

4 Years on and the Co-op still refuses to Co-operate
- we call on the Co-op to back Battersea & correct this big mistake

Over 4 years ago, our co-Chair Cllr Tony Belton wrote (see correspondence below) to many people at the Co-op letting them know what a big mistake they were making in mis-naming the store they took over form Somerfields on Northcote Road - despite all the evidence provided to them, and requests made, they persisted knowingly in publicising our wonderful Northcote Road as being in Clapham, which is in another London Borough called Lambeth, and therefore not the same place as BATTERSEA in the Borough of Wandsworth. Clapham is a great place and a terrific neighbour for us, but Northcote Road isn't part of it.

One of our supporters highlighted this again in June this year….no response - see below.

We now call on Co-op to be more co-operative and care about our local community enough to put this right. We've sent this to them to help them appreciate the big mistake they continue to make:

How one of our great supporters notified The Co-op as recently as June 2013:

Our correspondence with Co-op in 2009:

This note from our co-Chair, local Battersea Councillor Tony Belton, couldn't have been more helpful and clear. But sadly, Co-op refused to name Northcote Road as being in Battersea but insisted on calling it Clapham. Well, we still call them Co-operative and not Lidl, Tesco or ASDA, even if The Co-op is ironically being so un-co-operative. We hope that they will, one day very soon, finally support Battersea fully.

TSB falls in Love with Battersea...& its mutual :)

posted 20 Sept 2013, 02:10 by Love Battersea   [ updated 20 Sept 2013, 03:48 ]

20th September 2013

TSB have delivered a great result to Battersea, correcting their error in double quick time and in great style!

After their initial error in putting up a huge poster with the words "Hello Clapham" right in the Heart of Battersea (aka Clapham Junction), TSB has responded to our and our many supporters' requests to take it down and replace it. (click to see earlier story)

And replace it they have, with a perfect poster:

So a huge thank you to TSB, and a particularly big thank you to one of our fantastic supporters Gina LoBuglio (@GLoBuglio), who was the first to catch site of the first incorrect poster and brought it to our and the twittersphere's attention. We are delighted to reproduce her picture taken this morning on platform 10 at Clapham Junction's.

See the original tweet here:

Gina LoBuglio @GLoBuglio 32m

Fast work @TSB! Thank you & welcome to Battersea! #claphamjunction @LoveBattersea1 @SthLondonPress @jamescousins

Gina's tweet set off a whole host of tweets, emails and exchanges involving perhaps tens of thousands of people. We also called the head of media at TSB and had a very productive conversation. The result we have achieved is an achievement by many. It shows just what a community can achieve when full of Love for a place like our beautiful Battersea :)

A perfect end to the week!
We wish everyone in Battersea a great weekend!

TSB says 'Hello' to the Heart of BATTERSEA

posted 18 Sept 2013, 02:17 by Love Battersea   [ updated 19 Sept 2013, 01:24 ]

NEWS FLASH : TSB has responded wonderfully within 24 hours - great news to follow (fingers crossed)

18th September 2013

Not so local - new bank TSB, branches off from Lloyds
& falls into the Clapham-trap

TSB has offended Battersea and made a major marketing faux pas by putting up a huge poster on Platform 10 of Clapham Junction station with the words "Hello Clapham...welcome back to local banking", thereby instantly announcing to the world that it isn't very local at all. 

Here at the Love Battersea Campaign, we ask the question: If this is how a Bank does geography, what on earth will they do to our finances?

We have now spoken with the media team at TSB and they seem to have grasped the seriousness of the mistake and we hope above all hope that they will remove the poster and put up one that says "Hello Battersea"! 

Now that really would be a result :)
- we'll keep everyone updated on:

DON'T PANIC....we haven't gone quiet!!!

posted 9 Jul 2013, 10:38 by Love Battersea   [ updated 21 Jul 2013, 03:01 ]

To all our wonderful and lovely supporters, who may worry that the lack of posts on this website means we're not very active anymore, in the words of Corporal Jones in Dad's Army "don't panic, don't panic".

We have been very very busy.....on Twitter! 

Follow us on:


...and we have achieved some great successes. Businesses have been 'SW11tching' Back to Battersea, Twitter users have been proudly changing their addresses on their profiles, and to date c.2,200 people and businesses are following us, with increasing numbers becoming active and helping us with our campaign.

Here's an example:

- this one caused a great storm of protest. The sad thing was that the Evening Standard asked whether they could use one of our photos, to which we happily agreed, but not before confirming what the occasion was and where it took place - in Battersea. So what do you think...oh dear, they called it 'Clapham'. Luckily The Daily Mail got it spot on :)

Here was our photo of the crowds on Northcote Road / Bennerley Road watching Andy Murray winning Wimbledon on the big screen - during the Northcote Road Summer Fete, 7th July 2013:

And here is our conversation with our otherwise lovely Evening Standard:

  1. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeessss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Brilliant Andy Murray @andy_murray We saw it in Northcote Road #Battersea

  2. @standardnews do tell me where it'll appear - would be good to have a copy!

@standardnews it was taken where a giant outdoor screen was set up for the Northcote Road Summer Fête in #Battersea + the road closed :)

People got behind us quickly - for example:

We've tweeted the Standard and asked for a correction but sadly, to date (9th July at 18:30hrs) we haven't heard back from them, which is really disappointing in view of us having provided a free photo for them to publish... but hey ho, these journos are very busy peeps and are already onto thousands of other newer stories...we understand, but we still hope!

So, people of Battersea, and Lovers of Battersea around the world...join us on Twitter!!!

We'll post some future stories here on our website over time, otherwise we're on the Twittersphere and grateful for all the support we are getting there :)

Sainsbury's names its Battersea store 'Clapham'

posted 4 Apr 2012, 07:35 by Love Battersea   [ updated 21 Jul 2013, 02:58 ]

Update, 18th May 2012:

Sainsbury's CEO Justin King replies personally:

Sainsbury's did indeed 'SW11tch' and remove the name of their store "Clapham St John's Local". It then reappeared as "Wandsworth St John’s Hill Local". Naturally, those in the know realise that St. John's Hill is in Battersea and not Wandsworth Town, so we wrote to the Chief Executive of Sainsbury's - Justin King - and impressively he had the courtesy, and took the time to reply personally.

In his reply he said he was sorry that were unhappy with the renaming, and expresses appreciation for our campaign, but explained a new change of policy at Sainsbury's over the naming of stores, which was clearly not something we could change! However, the good news is that we got the 'Clapham' label removed.

Here is Justin King's e-letter to us (dated 18th May 2012), which we sincerely appreciated him sending:


"Thank you for your email and for giving me the opportunity to personally reply to you.  I am sorry you are unhappy with the renaming of our Wandsworth St John’s Hill Local store.  I appreciate you are very passionate about your campaign to support Battersea.


We would not usually change a store name retrospectively, unless we were opening up a store close by and the name would cause some confusion.  On this occasion, following your feedback, we reviewed the name as we recognised this is something that is very important to you and your local community. 


We recently introduced a guideline for naming new stores and following these guidelines, we have changed the name of the store to Wandsworth St John’s Hill Local store.  This is based on Wandsworth being the Borough in which the store is located, followed by the road name to clearly indicate the location. 


I am grateful to you for taking the time to contact me.  I know this is not the answer you are looking for, however I do hope you will understand why we reached our decision for the name of our store. 


Yours sincerely


Justin King"


Sainsbury's so called "Local" store on Battersea's famous St John's Hill, has been incorrectly named "Clapham St John's Local"
- it should be called "Battersea St John's Local"

Local people from Battersea who love their home and community are calling for Sainsburys, one of the biggest retail store businesses in the UK to take a look at Googlemaps, Streetmap or any other map and understand that they are applying the name "Clapham" to a store that is on one of Battersea's famous roads - St John's Hill, in the Borough of Wandsworth, and far away from Clapham, which is located in the Borough of Lambeth. 

One shocked local shopper raised the issue with Sainsbury's and has reported back that he "Got a reply from Sainsburys about Clapham St Johns shop." and they said "Basically "it's our shop, we'll call it what we want." "

Well, should the people of Battersea conclude that any Sainsbury's spokesperson who says such a disrespectful thing about beautiful Battersea must be inSanesberry to do such a thing?

The SW11tch Back to Battersea Campaign has met with much corporate indifference to our community's identity, history and geographic location let alone integrity over the years, but we have seen a great deal of humility and generosity of spirit from big brands and small - here are a selection:

We call on Sainsbury's not to be inSanesberries and show Battersea that they love us and are delighted to be part of our community's family. They will see that if they Love Battersea, Battersea will love them back.

All we want is LOVE...
Surely that can't be too much to ask of you Sainsbury's?
- and it won't cost you a bean or any pasty VAT!


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