Welcome to Battersea!

LATEST: Story Coffee expresses its Love for BATTERSEA on St John's Hill (click for story)

NEVER GET LOST WITH BATTERSEA - If you've ever wondered where BATTERSEA is and where Clapham is too, then this map is for you!!! Do share with all your friends, and lets help everyone know which lovely place is which 😍

BEST NEWS YET 😃 After a 5 year campaign we have finally managed to see our vision of a welcome to the Heart of Battersea sign erected over the exit from Clapham Junction Station!!! Its fantastic news. Thanks to so many who have enabled this to happen. More to Follow...

MERVEILLEUX NEWS: South Battersea's latest delicious foodie's heaven has opened on Northcote Road and done a quick SW11tch Back to Battersea after thinking they were in Clapham. (Click for story)

HAPPY NEWS: We declare our love for FIRED EARTH after they change their Northcote Road store's address to BATTERSEA, having unwittingly fallen into the Clapham-trap. (Click to read story)

MORE HAPPY NEWS: The Co-op Food, has matched Fired Earth by also changing its Northcote Road store's address to BATTERSEA after our 4 year campaign to achieve this. We're really so grateful to them. Click here to see full story.

News Flash: TSB has responded wonderfully within 24 hours - Click here to see full story. The lovely new poster is shown below,, from a photo taken on Clapham Junction's platform 10 this morning by Gina LoBuglio, one of our terrific supporters, to whom we say a big thank you for sending it in to us; she was the first to spot the wrong poster put up earlier in the week, tweeted it to us & TSB and set off our latest adventure:

Great News - Googlemaps corrected !

Major Victory for our Campaign 

for Battersea! 

Click here for story

If you live in SW11 you live in BATTERSEA, not Clapham!

It is time to SW11tch Back to Battersea!

Tip of the year from Battersea:

Leicester Square isn't in Leicester, its in London...everyone knows that.
Same logic: Clapham Junction isn't in Clapham, 
its the Heart of BATTERSEA!
...simples, as the meerkat would say


Love Battersea

The SW11tch Back to Battersea Campaign

Patrons: Lord Dubs of Battersea, John Bowis OBE (former Battersea MPs)
Co-Chairs: Philip Beddows & Tony Belton

Official supporters :-

The SW11tch Back to Battersea Campaign has been endorsed and is formally supported by:

* The Battersea Society  * Wandsworth Borough Council   * The Wandsworth Guardian

* The Clapham Junction Town Centre Partnership Board

  * The Northcote Road Action Group   * Jane Ellison MP for Battersea

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